fullsizeoutput_16e1Welcome to Just The Veganing! The place where you can read about the scientifically proven benefits of veganism, and view the recipes that go along with the facts. You can also read reviews about vegan eateries I’ve visited around the globe, so you can feel comfortable being a vegan anywhere you go. Just The Veganing discusses the scientific evidence behind the consumption of animal products and how consuming such food can cause health issues, along with tips on how to make the right vegan choices at home and around the globe. Just the Veganing is not only about the “how to”, but also about the “why” of veganism, not just from a personal perspective, but from a scientific one as well. If you would like to understand what a vegan is, start with my post: What is a vegan?

Becoming a vegan has made me the happiest and the healthiest I’ve ever been. This is for all of you out there who are looking for something to jumpstart a healthier, happier lifestyle!