Nature Potentially Cures Cancer: The Blushwood Berry and EBC-46

What are some of the things that come to mind when you think of cancer treatments? Perhaps you envision some sort of chemotherapy treatment, or a bottle of expensive pills used to target specific genetic mutations that may have caused the horrid disease to develop. While these treatments have been proven to save some of cancers victims, research suggests that there is a natural cure that deems promising for the future eradication of cancer.

Introducing the berry from a Blushwood tree. Blushwood trees are located in the North Queensland rainforest in Australia and they contain a chemical known as EBC-46. According to professor Peter Parsons researcher at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, this miracle EBC-46 has the ability to haemorrhage the tumor causing bruising around the afflicted area and then after a few days, the tumor essentially dies.

How does this fruit do this you ask? Well let’s take a look at a simplified version of what’s really going on here.


The above image is a representation of the chemical EBC-46, which is derived from the blushwood berry. When cancer forms, your body has ways of trying to stop it from further developing. The four regulators are known as proto-oncogenes (which when mutated are known as oncogenes), tumor suppressor genes, apoptosis, and telomerase genes. When there is a mutation in each of the genes, cancer can develop. Once cancer develops it continues to grow and divide and turn into a tumor. For a tumor to develop it essentially needs something supplying it with blood and nutrients so that it can continue to grow. One player in the game of supplying the tumor with blood is a protein kinase known as Protein kinase C. A protein kinase is simply a molecule that regulates numerous cellular responses including gene expression, protein secretion, cell proliferation, and the inflammatory response. According to researchers at Harvard University, EBC-46 has the ability to target protein kinase C and inhibit it, which in turn causes the tumor to die because it is no longer has the ability to synthesize proteins it needs to survive. According to the Queensland Institute, the inhibition of  protein kinase C helps destroy the blood vessels that supply the tumor with the oxygen and the nutrients it would need for survival. Pretty exciting stuff right?

So how is it that we know that the inhibition of protein kinase C helps kill tumors? Well, as it turns out, there has actually been research done on the inhibition of protein kinase C in the past. There was a drug developed known as PMA, which inhibited protein kinase C. However, according to PubMed, in clinical trials the drug was causing severe side effects, and was therefore not beneficial. (More information about PMA here).

While the previous drug developed caused severe side effects, there is hope when it comes to this new comer EBC-46. According to Dr. Glen Boyle, a researcher at the Queensland Institute the new drug developed from EBC-46 has been injected into several melanoma models such as head, neck and colon models and has caused rapid breakdown of the tumors present. EBC-46 has also been injected into several cats, dogs and horses, and has decreased the size of, if not completely destroyed the tumors.

The drug is still being developed, and has more recently been tested in patients. It has yielded impressive results. A woman in Australlia potentially facing amputation participated in the study and claimed that after only 20 minutes after injection of EBC-46 the tumor began changing color, and then after a few days the tumor “shriveled up and died”. (Check out the video here).

So there you have it, science and nature working symbiotically to potentially produce answers to questions about curing cancer that we have been asking for over 30 years now. For now, the takeaway message for all of you is remember to eat your fruits and veggies, especially your berries. It could potentially save your life, and that will only be the veganing.

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