What is a Vegan?

What is a vegan?

Just the Veganing believes that being a vegan is not about accepting a label; it’s about caring about your body, as well as caring about the environment. That being said, there are different types of vegans. Some vegans don’t eat anything from an animal, but still own leather handbags, jackets and shoes. Some vegans are considered raw vegans, meaning that they do not consume anything from an animal and they do not cook the foods they eat above 100 degrees, if at all. Some vegans chose the lifestyle for the animals, some chose it for themselves. Neither is better or worse or good nor bad, they’re just different. That is why it is unfair to place a label on someone who is considered a vegan. A vegan is simply someone who doesn’t consume anything from an animal. That’s it. They’re not freaky weird hippies, or overly environmentally conscious tree huggers. Personally, I am not one of those vegans that forces their beliefs upon others or judges people for the way they live their life. However, I have found that I love to share nutritional advice, and discuss issues related to food in today’s society. That does not necessarily mean I only talk about why meat is so bad for you or why you shouldn’t harm animals. I’m simply here to talk about nutrition as a whole, and while my beliefs may sway toward veganism, I believe it is important to share the cold hard facts about what is actually in your food.

How do I “go vegan”?

When I first became a vegan, I had no clue where to start. I began to think it was going to be impossible to survive. No meat? No dairy? No eggs? NO CHEESE?! What do I eat? We live in a world where meat is the centerpiece of every meal. We created fixings or side dishes composed of vegetables, starches and whole grains, ignoring the fact that all of these dishes offer us ample nutrition, and proceeded to only focus on the animal as the center of it all. Consider this: What if there was no such thing as Turkey? Would you still be able to have a Thanksgiving meal? Hmm lets see, you would have corn, cream of spinach, salads, green beans, cranberry sauce, potatoes, stuffing, and many other delectable vegetable based side dishes filled with vitamins and nutrients your body needs to survive. So the answer is yes. You could very well survive. Not only would you survive, but you would be thriving, and your body would be incredibly happy with what was inside it. I thought of this scenario when I first became a vegan and I realized that it wasn’t only possible to become a vegan, but it was the best thing I could do for my body. All it took was a little change in perspective.

My journey

Since I have become a vegan, I have read numerous books, scientific articles, vegan food blogs, and nutritional websites related to not only veganism, but to overall wellness. I will reference these books and such in the future. In the midst of acquiring my bachelors degree in biology, I have learned so much about the human body and nutrition that it has become a passion of mine, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you. I’ve also found that it is quite hard to be vegan in foreign countries, therefore, I have decided to add a blog page about how to eat vegan in places all around the globe.

I have found a hard time finding websites and blogs that focus on nutritional research, reasons for becoming vegan, easy vegan food recipes, tips on being a vegan, and just overall factual evidence about food in general. That is what compelled me to write this blog. I love fashion, I love to travel, I love to exercise ( I actually went through a gym rat phase where I consumed way too much protein and BCAA’s and all that) I love adventuring and the environment, I love sports, I teach yoga, I love science, I love having a good time with my friends and right now I love being in college. Most importantly I LOVE FOOD. There was a time when I did consume meat and dairy. I wasn’t born a vegan people. I come from a Hungarian family, and if there is one thing to say about Hungarian’s it’s that they love their meat. So take everything with a grain of salt, as I did years ago when I began my journey. Don’t get offended if I say something bad about meat, or if I say something bad about certain vegetables. When it comes to food, I am here solely to present factual evidence, and to discuss my opinions based on the facts.

One more thing, becoming a vegan has made me the happiest and the healthiest I’ve ever been. This is for all of you out there who are looking for something to jumpstart a healthier, happier lifestyle! Enjoy 🙂

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