I just wanted to give a formal hello from my new blog category, and my newly updated website! I’ve become so excited about this website recently, (I think ultimately because I finally figured out exactly what I wanted to do with it) that I have thus updated every single aspect of it. Due to my extreme excitement and sanguine attitude about the future of this blog, and Just The Veganing, I wanted to take the time to quickly explain my new outlook.

I have been getting a lot more traffic recently, and this attention has led me to believe that people actually enjoy the things I write. Whether you were originally here for the recipes, the nutrition/ science posts, or both, I wanted to let all of my current subscribers know that I am adding a third category to my webpage called Things I’ve Learned. I feel that blogs should be slightly intimate, and that the author of a blog should be willing to share some things about their lives, or at least some things about who they are. Thus, the Things I’ve Learned page was born, and on it I’m going to do exactly that; share some personal stuff.

I  aim to share things about my life as a yogi and a vegan. I will share the things I’ve learned about my rather short journey through life, and discuss my friendships, relationships, and how I feel about certain things. This is more of a rant page; a place to learn more about me. These posts will vary in their content and their point of view. You can expect to find posts that range from being presented in short story form to pure rant form, to simple DIY’s and everything in between. Also, for those of you who enjoyed my vegan travel blog posts (which was most of you as these posts averaged 80 views per post) regarding places I’ve visited around the globe that serve vegan friendly food, have no fear, they’re going to be under this category now.

Alsooooooooo, (I am so excited about this that I could sing the following description) I will be creating video logs with my little sister Mallory (12), and posting them on here as well as on YouTube. The intent of these videos is to inspire and educate younger children and their families about food, health and to prove that spending time together in the kitchen is not a thing of the past. My grandma taught me to cook when I was a little girl, and I still use some of the various techniques she taught me in the kitchen as I carry on her wisdom. Things happen when you teach your kids or grandkids how to cook. Food is much more than just something to be eaten, it is something to socialize around, something to learn from, and something to truly nourish your body with. I feel that a part of society, especially those of newer generations, have changed their outlook on food and what it means to be healthy. So much time revolves around cell phones and laptops (which is fine if they’re reading my posts…kidding) that many of us have lost touch with the beauty of the tangible world, and with the beauty of spending quality time together.

So welcome newbies and oldies to the Things I’ve Learned. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Just The Veganing. As always, try new things, breath more throughout your day, and focus on the things you love. I hope you enjoy future posts from here on out. Also, feel free to comment or email me about anything at anytime. Also thank you for the support thus far. I don’t know where all of you came from exactly, but it’s uplifting to know that there are people out there enjoying my content.

xoxo, -Ann-Marie

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  1. Will you move to Arkansas and cook for me?
    I LOVE reading your blog. And your new Things I’ve Learned sounds awesome!

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