Food For Thought: Your Body

Do you ever think about what your body is? Is it a thing? Is it a sack of water? Is it just something that allows you to do what you need to do day in and day out? Or is it more than that? Are you something different from your body?

Isn’t it weird to think about this concept of being something other than your body? I get chills down my arms when I think that my body is just something that I am using to facilitate life on earth. Now, I know this is a far fetched concept, but if you think about it, most religions, if not all religions (I don’t know for sure I’m not a religion expert) believe in a higher power and a life after death. Whether it may be going to heaven, or reincarnation, believing that there is something else out there for us is a common theme amongst most individuals. Therefore, would it be too radical to consider that we aren’t actually the body that we inhibit, but in fact we are something else that is merely visiting the body? After all, when we leave, we don’t take our bodies with us; those stay here on Earth.

If that’s too outlandish for you, consider this: Whether you believe that you are your physical body or not, your current position is within your body. What you do with that body, and how you treat it will directly effect how long that body belongs to you.

The body has a proclivity to protect itself from damage. Your body can handle nearly anything in small amounts due to its ability to eradicate harmful toxins, and unwanted substances. If your body falls ill, you become obese, or you develop a chronic disease such as cancer or heart disease, you cannot always blame the body. Sure, sometimes these things happen due to genetics, and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about those rare circumstances. However, you must also consider how you treat, or have treated your body. Are you a smoker? Do you drink a lot? What kinds of foods do you consume? Do you exercise? The answers to all of these questions can give you insight about the condition of your body or the likelihood that you will develop a problem. If you are genetically predisposed to something, it does not mean that you will unequivocally develop that problem. However, if you accept that living with such a problem is your fate, and you do not try to prevent it, then you cannot blame the body for that. The development of that problem is then due to a malfunction of the mind.

You smoke cigarettes?  Don’t freak out and blame your body when you get lung cancer. You’ve just hit the 350lb mark on the scale? Don’t cry as you listen to your doctor say that you have heart disease. Your liver is failing? Maybe instead of hating your body for that you should have stopped after your first drink last night. My point is, you cannot claim that your body has failed you, when in fact it is you that has failed your body. You know, that machine that tried time and time again to protect you, to prevent disease, to rid itself from harm? It even tried to warn you by allowing minor sicknesses such as the common cold, nausea or even weakness to occur, but you didn’t listen. You just kept doing what you knew deep down was wrong, and now instead of taking responsibility for your actions, you’re blaming the greatest gift you’ve ever received.

I would ultimately like to know what it is that compels people to give up. We are not perfect, and we therefore occasionally fail to take good care of our bodies. Sometimes it is a matter of being insentient of our bodies needs, and that is why we fail to lead healthful lives. Whatever the consequence of such mistreatment may be, you can still revoke your health. You do know that if you’re overweight, you can lose weight, right? Did you know that if you catch heart disease early on, it is reversible? You do know that if you feed your body with healthy, wholesome foods that you can prevent certain diseases? If you didn’t know, now you do.

The important thing to remember is that you have the power to alter your life at any point. Even by making minor changes, you can lead a salubrious life. Don’t expect to recover within a week, but do not give up. Your body loves you. Your body will fight to the death (literally) to protect you. So, fight to the death to protect it. After all of your money is gone, after your house burns down, after you crash all of your fancy cars, and after all of your clothes are taken off your back, you still have your arms, legs, organs, mind, and soul. You still have your body. You still have everything you need to be you.

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