Body Imaging Issues and No Sleep

So I can’t sleep. I have so many things on my mind right now and I don’t really understand why. I mean, I had a pretty good day today. I’m currently volunteering for Island Yoga in Aruba so I did that this morning, then I did some yoga by the pool at the house I’m staying in, read a ton of stuff about how shitty the worlds fresh water supply is, went to the beach for a 2 mile run, went food shopping, posted 2 blog posts, edited some pictures, and yeah- now that I think about it, I guess I didn’t really do that much.
Anyway, I tried to put myself to sleep by scrolling through the popular page on instagram and I came across a picture of this girl who looked so disgustingly thin that I stared at the picture for 5 entire minuets judging her, and picking her apart in my head. I usually like everything that I see on the popular page, but I stopped my finger from double tapping right in it’s tracks when I saw this picture.
I actually thought to myself “Ew I’m not going to like that.” But that is so mean of me to think. She was really thin, but she had some muscle and she had a really pretty face. Maybe I was a little jealous? I have always wanted to be thinner, but I’m a muscular girl. It is what it is.
So now I’m sitting here wanting to share this with you because this is exactly what the problem is with women. I deliberately sat here and thought about how I’m not going to like her picture because she’s too skinny, and maybe because I desperately want her 6 pack abs for some reason. Instead of double tapping and spreading positivity, I made it so that she will now have one less like because I’m too unhappy with my own body to “like” the body of someone who maybe worked really hard for the body she has. Maybe she didn’t. Maybe she really does starve herself. Maybe she’s anorexic. Maybe she’s not in the least bit healthy. But you know what? She had the balls to post the picture. She’s confident. She feels beautiful. So why can’t I, and other idiots such as myself encourage that? All women are beautiful including myself. Think about how much better of a place the world would be if we actually encouraged each other and stopped hating. No more hate. Spread more love. Go like the damn picture.

3 thoughts on “Body Imaging Issues and No Sleep

  1. Stop the negative thinking! Stop it right now! You are gorgeous, smart, incredibly talented and unique! You are amazing, beautiful, awesome and special! Have I got your attention? You are right in that as women we tend to judge others and also ourselves with artificial and highly suspect motives. We are conditioned by Hollywood to want to be thinner, prettier, younger, etc. And this is just wrong, wrong, wrong! We are each unique, beautiful and worthy of celebration as the awesome women we are. Do not fall into the trap of thinking you are not ‘enough’ – whether it is not smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough. Whatever the ‘enough’ is – let it go. Actually, not just let it go – drive it out!

    A very wise man once told me I should be the best me I can be, because there is only one of me. And he was so right. There is only one YOU – and YOU are awesome!

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