January 1, 2018

I just read Rachel Brathen’s blog post regarding all of the wonderful things she wants to manifest in the new year. She’s planning on opening another yoga studio in Sweden, amongst other things of course –how cool is that?! Her post inspired me to get writing. I’ve never taken the time to sit down and write all of the things I would like to accomplish over the course of a year. The truth is, I never really felt that I had to. I’ve always been a huge believer in the idea that the universe will help me find my way –nïeve I know. It’s a defense mechanism for me that I will talk about later. But in all honesty, what else is a teenager supposed to think? In 2017 I turned 21, and the universe hit me with a huge reality check. I learned that I have to be fully present at all times because while the universe will eventually help you find your way, it is up to you to determine which path you take. I have been SO stressed about my future this year, mainly because I’m going through that awkward time in my life when I’m supposed to have my career path completely figured out, and I just don’t. So my control-freak self is freaking out because I don’t feel like I’m currently in control of my next move. That is one of that things that intend to change this year.

Recap of Last Year:
On December 28th 2016 I got on a plane and flew to London, England where my boyfriend’s family lives. I rang in the new year with his friends and family over there, and stayed exploring London for a month. During that time my boyfriend (Nick) and I ventured to Amsterdam, and Paris before we got on a plane to Florence, Italy to start our spring semester at Florence University of the Arts. I loved Florence, it was charming, quaint, and different. The food was amazing (I managed to stay vegan the whole time except for once when I had pesto pasta-oops), and the people were extremely friendly. I began teaching yoga to the students of the university, and I made friends that I know I will stay in touch with for a lifetime. While residing in Italy, I took advantage of cheap airline flights and went to Budapest, Croatia, Monaco, all the way up the Italian riviera, and to most major cities in Italy. Finally, after our semester abroad, Nick and I returned to New York where he managed to land his dream job right before he went back to spend some time with his family in England for 2 months. I stayed in New York, got an Internship at the Albert Einstein Institute in the Bronx, and completed an online introductory nutrition course through Tufts University. I also managed to make my way to Aruba to see Island Yoga. When I returned, Nick came back, began his new job in Manhattan, and I went back to school in Albany. I began a research project where I’m testing the affects of spirulina (superfood derived from algae) on breast cancer tissue. I became better at food photography, created multiple vegan recipes, my blog began gaining a following so much so that Google began advertising through my site, and I started getting sponsored by various yoga clothing companies and food brands. I was offered the opportunity to volunteer at Island yoga, and I don’t exactly know how I did it, but I made it to Aruba by myself to volunteer and I’m currently writing this post sitting at the front desk of the boutique. I did 108 sun salutations on New Years day with Rachel, and 30 other amazing yogis, and I got to meet her little moon baby Lea. I didn’t like being away from Nick and my family on New Years, but so far my time here has been amazing and every ounce of me believes that I was meant to be here. Wow, someone pinch me this year has been CRAZY.

Since I have never written a post about my goals, I’ve decided to follow Rachel’s format and split my goals up into three categories: Career, Health/Wellness/Home, and Personal Development. Writing the goal wasn’t enough for me so I decided to also add a little bit about how I was going to accomplish each goal. When I’m done, I’m going to copy and paste the list into a word document, print several copies, and hang the copies in various places so that I will easily be reminded of my goals, and keep myself in check. I invite you to do the same 🙂
Personal Development and Love:
Become More Organized
First and foremost I need to organize my life. It’s funny because I love organizing things, and making lists, but for some reason I just can’t keep my room and my notes organized. I get lazy or too overwhelmed, and throw everything everywhere and I’m SO sick of it. To become more organized I’m going to do the following:
– Buy as many folders, binders, dividers, and notebooks that I need in order to separate everything.
– Create space to store everything separately.
– Label things.
– Take time to put clothes away after I try them on in the morning and decide not to wear them.
– Make lists.
– Plan out my day REALISTICALLY.
Complete Tasks at Hand
I have a terrible tendency to begin a project, get super excited about it, finish about half of the project, and then start something new. It’s not because I get bored easily, or because I find something better to do, it’s simply because I have the attention span of a peanut and I have so many ideas and plans that I get excited about everything all at once and I cannot prioritize one idea as better or more important than another. So here’s how I’m going to change that:
– Put my phone somewhere where I’m not working.
– Answer Emails after I complete a task.
– Turn large tasks into multiple mini tasks.
– Reward myself with breaks and fun things (chocolate, chipotle, online shopping, etc.) after a task is complete.
Speaking With Confidence
This has been a goal of mine ever since I became a yoga teacher. I notice that sometimes when I speak to large groups of people I forget to breath, I stumble over my words, and I forget things. I don’t always let the words flow for some reason, and once I begin to stumble over my words I fall into a deeper panic and it becomes this giant cascade of failure, my confidence dissipates and I sink into a hole. Okay, that may be a little dramatic, but I need to learn to chill out when I’m speaking to groups. I have a research symposium coming up where I’m going to have to speak to a ton of people about my research, and I want to be able to do it with complete and utter confidence. Here’s How:
– Stop writing scripts. Instead write lists or staple words to ensure you’re on the right track. Fill in the blanks.
– Read and read and re-read facts about my topic.
– Practice talking about my topic to random people.
– Believe in what I’m saying, and believe in myself.
– Remember that at the end of the day, no one really cares that much (even if they do, it will make me feel better if I tell myself that what I’m talking about isn’t that important).
I love my boyfriend so much. I sometimes get too caught up in my life and what I’m doing that I forget to ask him about his day and what he’s doing. I’m also a very verbal person, and when I have something on my mind I have to talk about it, but he’s not like that, and if he doesn’t say anything I just assume that everything’s okay and that there is nothing going on. I want to be a better girlfriend. How I’m going to change this:
– Ask him a random question about himself every day.
– Ask him to teach me about his job.
– Ask him about his day every day.

Stay Vegan:
Okay that’s not hard.
Go Running 2-3 Times a Week:
I used to be so good about running -I loved it! I had a routine, and it genuinely made me feel so good. This past year, I didn’t have a schedule, I was all over the place, and I genuinely enjoyed not running -until I realized how much I missed the feeling I would get after running. Here’s how I’m going to force myself to run:
– Set aside a time 5-6 days a week when I can squeeze in a run, and then actually commit to 2 or 3 of those times.
– Make running 2-3 times a week an intention, but don’t choose running over studying for a test.
– Don’t view running as a chore. You like it. It’s good for you. Do it.
Figure Out Living Situation:
Surprise! (Not really). Nick and I want to move in together when I graduate, but I have to figure out just how were going to do that. I’m going to be going to grad school, but I know I’ll still have a part time job on the side and can therefore contribute to rent a little bit…maybe? I don’t know. All I know is that I want to figure it out and be with him. I realize that this may be super hard to accomplish, but even getting a little closer to figuring out our living situation will suffice this goal. I honestly don’t have a game plan for this one because it depends on so many factors, but heres a rough list of ideas:
– Figure out your budget for an apartment in late April/early May.
– Go apartment hunting.
– Decide on a general location.
– Figure out all of these things together, and maintain good communication through it all.

Career Goals:
Okay so this section is big for me, but I’m not going to share every little detail because a lot of it has to do with developing my business plan for my future café.
Build a business plan:
Plain and simple I’m going to completely finish building my business plan. My goal is to have it finished by May.
– Build plan.
– Figure out finances.
Teach Yoga 2-3 Times a Week
This is another big goal of mine. I love yoga so much, and I love teaching, but unfortunately teaching part time in the past hasn’t exactly paid the bills. This year I decided that I would follow my heart, do what I love, and get teaching. I already have a few jobs lined up for when I return to New York from Aruba so let’s hope that this one works out.
– Do really well during trial secession.
– Spend time each week flowing/ structuring classes.
– Follow my heart, believe in my ability to teach, and go for it.
Build my Social Media Platform:
One of the biggest things I want to accomplish this year is 15k followers on instagram. I know that might seem unrealistic, but I think that if I work hard enough at it I can get close. I also want to improve my blog and try to post at least 2-3 times a week. Here’s how I’m going to try and make this happen:
– Buy a notebook just for social media. Keep tract of blog ideas, and cool posts from others.
– Set aside a time to blog a few days each week. Even if I don’t finish the post completely, I’ll still be producing something.
– Only blog during the set time period.
– Research popular hashtags on instagram, and make new instagram friends by reaching out to others. (I know this may seem a little weird to people who aren’t super active on instagram, but the instagram community is actually super amazing, and I’ve met a lot of cool people).
– Reach out to at least 2 food and or yoga clothing companies a month.
– Verify my instagram account so that I can post links in my instagram stories.
– Share other content creator’s creations.
– Every time I read something about nutrition I need to write it down so that I can use it for a blog post.
– Engage with the WordPress community, and the instagram community.
– Encourage and support other bloggers.
– Write an ebook (topic TBA).
Graduate With a Bang:
I can’t believe that this is the year I graduate college. Crazy. I really hope to finish strong my final semester, and by the time I’m done I hope that I have a clearer idea of what I’m going to do in the future.
– Get at least a 3.8 GPA
– Present research.
– Get an award of some-sort.
– Enjoy your last semester as a college kid.

Alrighty! That’s it. My list seems super long, but most of it is just simple little things. I can’t wait to make all of this happen and I really hope that I inspired some of you to make a detailed list of your goals for 2018. Happy New Year! Much Love xx

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