Just the Veganing is here to share ideas, opinions and facts about nutrition and veganism. This is a life style blog, as well as a place where you can find clear explanations of nutritional research findings that may not be so easily understood when read straight from a research journal or book. I intend to help inform the general public about such findings in order to help everyone understand exactly what they are consuming, and how what they consume benefits their health. At the end of the day, this webpage is a compilation of the thoughts, knowledge, recipes and experiences of a vegan, biology major, science geek, yoga fanatic college girl. And that’s just the veganing.


Since I have become a vegan, I have read numerous books, scientific articles, vegan food blogs, and nutritional websites related to not only veganism, but to overall wellness. In the midst of acquiring my bachelors degree in biology, I have learned so much about the human body and nutrition that I have become obsessed with how food is related to health. I’ve also found that it is quite hard to be vegan in foreign countries, therefore, (more-so as a hobby or side note if you will) I have decided to add a blog page about where to eat vegan in the locations I have personally visited in various parts of the globe.

I have found a hard time finding websites and blogs that focus on explaining the miraculous conclusions about health drawn from the nutritional research community to the average person, reasons for becoming vegan, easy vegan food recipes, and just overall factual evidence about food in general. That is what compelled me to write this blog. I love fashion, I love to travel, I love to exercise ( I actually went through a gym rat phase where I consumed way too much protein and BCAA’s and all that). I love adventuring and the environment, I love sports, I teach yoga, I love science, I love having a good time with my friends and right now I love growing as a person and realizing what the world has to offer. Most importantly I LOVE FOOD. There was a time when I did consume meat and dairy. I wasn’t born a vegan. I come from a Hungarian family, and if there is one thing to say about Hungarian’s it’s that they love their meat. Once I began learning about nutrition and health, I decided to change that. When it comes to food, I am here solely to present factual evidence, and to discuss my opinions based on the facts.

One more thing, becoming a vegan has made me the happiest and the healthiest I’ve ever been. This is for all of you out there who are looking for something to jumpstart a healthier, happier lifestyle!