Just the Veganing was created by author Ann-Marie Berdar as a place for her to share facts about nutrition, veganism, yoga, and recipes dedicated to those who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle. The newest addition to the blog is a page called Yoga Teacher Inspiration. Here, yoga teachers, and students alike can find inspiration to use in a class, and on the mat. Being that it is a life style blog, Ann-Marie also has a blog page dedicated to what she calls “Things I’ve Learned“. This page encompasses a variety of contrasting material from her experiences through college, yoga teacher training, traveling, love, relationships and life in various points of view. Some posts are rants of ideas and opinions, while others are presented in a short story format. As Ann-Marie learned more about yoga, she found that sometimes wisdom can be offered in short story form, and consequently thought she should share her own stories as they may be of help to others. This webpage isn’t solely about veganism, and it was only named Just The Veganing because just prior to the websites creation, Ann-Marie was morphing into the person she is today, and that began when she decided to switch to the vegan diet. At the end of the day, this webpage is a compilation of the thoughts, knowledge, recipes and experiences of a now vegan, biology major, science geek, yoga fanatic, voluble college girl.


I ultimately wish to help others understand exactly what they are consuming, and how what they consume benefits or otherwise impairs their health. As a result of my aspirations and hobbies, I have read numerous books, scientific articles, and even other vegan food blogs related to not only veganism, but to overall wellness. In the midst of acquiring my bachelors degree in biology, I have learned so much about the human body and nutrition that I have become obsessed with how food is related to health.

I have found a hard time finding websites and blogs that focus on explaining the miraculous conclusions drawn from the nutritional research community to the average person. That is what ultimately compelled me to write this blog. I also love to write about my various experiences, I love finding out how and why certain foods are better for you than others, and for some reason, I felt compelled to share my story. I love fashion, I love to travel, I love to exercise ( I actually went through a gym rat phase where I consumed way too much protein and BCAA’s and all that). I love adventuring and the environment, I love sports, I teach yoga, I love science, I love having a good time with my friends and right now I love growing as a person and realizing what the world has to offer.  I wasn’t born a vegan. I come from a Hungarian family, and if there is one thing to say about Hungarian’s it’s that they love their meat. Once I began learning about nutrition and health, I decided to change my diet for the better. When it comes to food, I am here solely to present factual evidence that I come across, and to discuss my opinions based on the facts. Overall, I am here to inspire whoever reads this, and prove to them that you can live a healthier lifestyle, and it can and will ultimately be enjoyable.