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Welcome to my blog page! Select which category you would like to read content from by selecting one of the categories that appear in the drop down menu above. On this website you will four separate blog pages including a Recipes page, a Nutrition Blog, a Yoga Teacher Inspiration page, a Food for Thought page, and a Vegan Abroad page. Below are short descriptions of each page.

RECIPES:  Find fun, easy, out of the ordinary recipes created to enhance the true flavors of each ingredient present in the recipe as well as short excerpts about why certain ingredients are beneficial. Occasionally find a food haul or shopping list for the week post, where I discuss the cost of ingredients for a weeks worth of food, and how to shop in a manor that reduces the potential for wasting food.

NUTRITION BLOG: Here you will find facts about nutrition and veganism, and posts about peer-reviewed journal articles regarding nutrition or scientific findings I deem to be interesting or necessary to share. I also share information regarding nutrition and bodily function, straight from my textbooks, lectures, and notes. Not only am I doing this because I wish to promote wellness, but sharing information with you is a way for me to study as well. Of course, the material is never copied word for word without a source, and I always inject my own commentary into my posts.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Here I share personal experiences about my life. I share things about my life as a yogini and a vegan. I share the things I’ve learned during my rather short journey through life, and I discuss my friendships, relationships, and insights I’ve gained through my yoga practice. This is more of a rant page; a place to learn more about me. These posts vary in their content and their point of view. Here you can find posts that range from being presented in short story form to pure rant form, and everything in between.

YOGA TEACHER INSPIRATION:  Here I plan to share stories related to yoga, and inspiration for new yoga teachers. When I first became a teacher, I didn’t fully understand where amazing teachers got their inspiration from, and how they became so mindful. While I believe that wisdom comes with time, and that you certainly need to develop yourself as a teacher, there is nothing wrong with sharing some wisdom, and gaining insight from others along the way. I searched hard for stories, and inspiration when I was a new yoga teacher. What do I talk about during savasana? What do I share with my students? What can I give them today? Am I able to give them anything to walk away with today; something, perhaps that they too can share with the world? I decided to work on my own internal wisdom and yoga practice as I took a break from teaching for a little while. I feel more empowered now than ever, and because of this new found energy, I’ve decided to offer all of you yogis out there a place where you can find mindfulness too. Feel free to use any content in your teachings.

VEGAN ABROAD: This is my latest addition to the blog. Here you will find vegan restaurants I’ve visited in foreign countries, lists of vegan items offered in foreign supermarkets, and tips about being vegan in other abroad or while traveling. I’m hoping to see this page grow as I visit more and more countries.